My name is tali buchler
Here are 10 things about me:

1. I have 3 beautiful, smart, energetic, talented, funny girls with my partner Oren. Zoe is 9, Ori is 6, Mika is almost 2 and Oren is 40…..
2. I live in Israel. I moved back here after living in the US for 16 years.
3. For those of you who ask: “why move back?” I will say in short – that I was extremely jealous of my sister who was living at the time 2 houses from my mom. I believe there is NOTHING in the world that compares to a grandmother’s unconditional love and I couldn’t stand depriving my girls of this.
4. I am an architect, such a big word with so much responsibility. I don’t design houses so much any more, I use my design skills with my interest in kids’ creativity to design spaces and objects that ignite their imagination.
5. I have a real weakness for fabric, books and good coffee.
6. I love creating.
7. The beach is my real escape (Paris is second on the list).
8. I’m messy, but I can’t start working if my desk is not organized.
9. I am a Virgo, therefore I make lists (for everything).
10. I love: food and wine, daytrips to Tel Aviv or New York (depending on the continent I am at).
11. I can’t sing or write, but I love doing both. (I sing while I’m driving, and write my blogs).
12. I’m a dreamer; I truly believe that everything you want to do is possible.

I wanted to write 10 things, and I got to 12. This is where I stop.
Please write to me with any questions. (
And don’t be upset if it takes me a while to write back, I often lose track of time .